Additional charges

Stair charges:

1. For customers living on upper floors, should your pieces not fit in your building lift, we are happy to carry them up the stairs, but please understand that carrying furniture up and down stairs is hard work and incurs an industry-standard fee, which goes directly to the delivery team who do the heavy lifting.

2. Our delivery team can carry your piece(s) up your stairs (10 steps = 1 floor), as well as push furniture up or down a slope if need be.

3. Your stair charge is per item, per floor, and the cost will be determined by the type of furniture purchased. These fees are standard practice in our industry as it’s only fair to reward the delivery team who do the hard work on the day and this money goes directly to them.

Furniture items stair charges:

All chairs, stools, and accessories $100/per floor

All coffee tables and plants $100/ per floor

All sofas $200/per floor All coffee tables $200/per floor

All Cabinets and Tables are $200/per floor

All Wardrobe $300/ per floor

4. Should you require your furniture to be pushed up or down a slope, please note that the slope charge will be determined by the slope incline (steepness), distance, as well as the weight of your piece(s). this will also be agreed upon in principle in advance, but our team on the day of delivery will assess the stairs and slopes and determine the final stair or slope charges.

Furniture disposal charges:

Please inform our sales team prior to delivery and they will send you our disposal price list, as different items will incur different disposal fees.