Everthing in ONE Place

At one attitude we include not only furniture but also decorations and lightings for you to create the perfectinterior. Everything you’ll need like cabinets, beds, tables, rugs, cushions or even artificial plants can be found here in just one place.

We purchases products from all over the world and communicate with local traders that also create their product with passion to become our partners, and we will never stop looking for new traders to widen our category!

Furniture with ATTITUDE

Have you been looking for a piece of furniture that is odor-free, easy to clean, sustainable with timeless designs?

We designed our furniture in the “as simple as possible” way but yet stylish and practical. 
Materials are the critical part for furniture, our cabinets, shelves and other panel furniture are all made with E0 odor-free plywood, compressed with high quality laminate certified by the GREENGUARD Gold programme.

There is a nano-silver coating on our laminate to make our furniture anti-bacterial. The durable surfaces of ourfinishes can also be wiped and cleaned with gentle cleansing agents, so you can always stay in a fresh and clean environment.

You are always welcome to visit ourshowroom, we build every pieces with passion and we hope you can come and feel it too. Have a finger touch on it and take a breath in this odor-free place.

Feel free to make an appointment to visit:
(+852) 9430 0839

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"Let’s create an oasis for yourself and find your one attitude!"

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