Precautions for furniture installation

1) General installation includes assembling and fixing furniture to the wall, excluding size modification, opening holes, threading wires, gluing and closing, etc. These services will be subject to separate quotations based on on-site conditions.

2) Please pre-clear the location where the furniture needs to be installed before installation to ensure that there is enough space for assembly and installation. If the furniture needs to be mounted on the wall, please make sure that the wall and the ground are flat.

3) If the master arrives at the scene and cannot assemble and install due to lack of space, we will take back the product first and then arrange the next delivery with the customer and may charge for the delivery.

4) If the wall/floor/ceiling where the furniture needs to be fixed is uneven, it may affect the furniture assembly and cause a large gap after the installation is completed.

5) If the customer finds any problems after installation, please contact us at 9043 0839 by WhatsApp along with the photos.

6) The customer arranges the transportation by himself, and the order for upstairs or installation cannot be returned or exchanged.